To translate dataweb project in other language follow this steps:

  • Download form sourceforge the package dev_translations.
  • Extract the file.
  • Goto translations directory and start run.bat under windows or under linux (before correct java path in the file
  • On upper left box choose your locale (here the complete locale list).
  • On upper right box choose the file to translate.
  • On center grid translate the selected file.
  • When you have translate all files, send This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it the folder translations/system/<your locale> to


Color grid line

The red line indicate that there is not translation.
The yellow line indicate that the traslation is equals of the default language.

Special chars

Make attention to not remove the special char
{n} - parameter (n = parameter number 0, 1, ...)
\n - new line
\r - return
\t - tab
\\ - \
@ - if word start with @ you don't translate it.

Special keys

Ctrl-n - next file
Ctrl-p - previous file
Ctrl-e - only on the red line copy the default translation


The file contains many lines related at countries and languages, don't worry to translate it. We translate it automatically.

Last updatedTuesday, 07 December 2010 13:36