To update the source follow this steps:

  • Close NetBeans
  • Rename folder <path>/dataweb_src/ to <path>/dataweb_src_OLD/
  • Download form sourceforge the Source
  • Extract the source in <path>
  • Copy all instance files (instance_*.properties) from <path>/dataweb_src_OLD/server/workdir to <path>/dataweb_src/server/workdir
  • Copy the folder data form <path>/dataweb_src_OLD/server/workdir to <path>/dataweb_src/server/workdir
  • Copy any files you modified into the corresponding paths
  • Open NetBeans
  • Run Menu "Clean and Build Main Project"
  • Remove folder <path>/dataweb_src_OLD/

Last updatedSaturday, 04 December 2010 19:28