How can I read, write, or execute a file server side


On the server side, unlike the client side, for safety reasons you can not access the file system. To grant this permission to a user must go to the Administration/Users and then the Permissions panel add the following line:


Then in the properties below (Key/Value) add:

Key: all
Value: <path>

as the key can be set:


You can also add rules on the same line using the _ character (Ex. READ_WRITE).

as the value you must set the files/folders to assign permissions. You can use wildcards ? and * in addition, you can set a route with all sub-folders using the - character
for example:

os Linux:
/* Indicates all the files in the root (but not sub-folders)
/- Indicates all files and sub-folders in the root (so the whole filesystem)

os Windows:
c:\* Indicates all the files on the disk c (but not sub-folders)
c:\- Indicates all files and subfolders on the disk c (so the whole disk c)

Remember that once you change the permissions if the user is connected, must logout and login to take effect.

Published in Mon, 03 January 2011 17:34