First Client installation is based on Java Web Start technology. So, open browser and connect to:  http://<ServerName>:7720.

Otherway you can install Client manually in this way:

Install Java 6.0 runtime or superior, get file clientinstall.jar from server at:


Execute command:

java -jar clientinstall.jar /installServerUrl=<ServerName>:7720  

When client installation is close, some setting are available via in folder <user>/dataweb:

forceUrl = <url>
Login module will require just user and password and will use as server URL the next:


autoConnect = <url>;<usr>;<pwd >
Client will immediately connect to <url> address via user <usr> and password <pwd>.

makeDesktopLink = <true/false>
When client is update, it force or not the creation of desktop icon.

startForm = <nomefile>
Client will use the <nomefile> Form and not the default one (system.Login).

Last updatedThursday, 18 November 2010 17:57