All view can be filtered and ordered via columns. Often user need predefined filter in order to safe time nito creation of standard filter
So in view definition we can add property in order to create predefined filter, the property can be:

Filter name

Label to show user when refeer to a filter.

Maximum number of rows view return when a filter is apply. Default (0) – All rows.

Filter condition for the view
<value> is an expression return a boolean value. Into condition is possible to set parameter for filter use

Define view order

Set a property for the filter parameter.
<name> is parameter name
<property> is property nam to set
<value> is property value:

  • position = parameter position
  • label = label to show when user perform a reference to the parameter
  • dataType = parameter data type .
  • allowNulls =  (true/false) if parameter can be null (Default false).
  • tableRelation = set a table relation(Syntax as TableRelation Table property).
  • bindColumn = inherit source table columns characteristic.

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