The "merge view" are based on Union on table or on view and return result into one recordset
In order to use Merge view, the setType property must be set to TYPE_MERGE.

Maximum number of rows the view must show. Default (0) – All rows

Set of table to merge. Same syntax of Join View

Set the relation between tables or Views. Syntax:

<type1>; ... ;<typeN>

<type> is union type. Possible values:

UNION = take the row one times, so do not duplicate row if equals.
UNIONALL = take in consideration also duplicate row

Define the column. In this kind of view, a column must be present in all the table/View defined into setFrom . Syntax is as Join View

It define a filter condition for view.
<value> parameter is an expression return a boolean value. Syntax as Join View


Define view order. Syntax as Join View

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