Those ones are custom View that can be create in independent way respect table structure.
In order to define those view, the developer need to define columns want to create and indicate name and type for them.
After structure creation, the data will be load via loadData method.
We suggest to use just in case Join or Merge are not ok in order to create view because performance are worse respect the first two ones.
In order to use those ones the setType property must be set to: TYPE_CODE.

Maximum number of rows the view must show. Default (0) – All rows

Column structure. Syntax:

<name1>:<type1>; ... ;<nameN>:<typeN>

<name> is the name to assign to column
<type> is the type the column can contain. It can assume those values:


The code for load data into view is written into this event:


e.getMaxRow() : maximum number of row to return.
e.isMaxRow() : (true/false) indicate the maximum number of row set into setMaxRow() is reach.
e.getCondition() : Return the set filter.
e.getOrder() : return set order.
e.getFilterName() : Return set filter name.
e.getFilterParameters() : array of value of set filter.
e.addRow(Object[]) : add a row to view Array of object must object type compatible with column property set into setColumns().

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