Plugins are external libraries written in Java. They may be incorporated into the project Dataweb to use third-party functions such as interfaces with IO devices, or other graphical components.
Plugins should be loaded as if they were External resources files. Once uploaded the files to use the classes of the plugin, you must define an installation script.
Plugins, such as Modules, can be used both server side and client side.
Before being used, Dataweb controls whether plugins are already installed or if there is a different version of themselves. In this case, through a script, Dataweb provides for the installation of plugin itself.

When installation of a plugin has started, the install event is launched . Within this event, you can manage with a script the installation of the Plugin. The parameter of this event is the object that allows loading of the library within DataWeb. The methods that can be used are:

  • installFile
  • installLib
  • setJarFiles

installFile method allows you to download the resource files in a defined path.
InstallLib is the method that allows you to download the library files (. dll, .so ) in the java lib.
setJarFile defines what are the jar that can be used within Dataweb.
In order to use the plugin client side it is possible to use the method getPlugin of the Global Object client, while using the plugin server side we use the method getPlugin of the dbSession object . To create a new instance of a class defined within the plugin, you use the newInstance method.

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