The forms are the user interface to the data, these are represented through typical controls such as TextBox, Label, Table, and so on. ....
Through this tool the developer creates the form of presentation of data.
The DataBind through the datasource can happen in two different ways.
The easiest way is to use the component Databar. It connects directly to it. Then it is possible to connect the other controls on the form to the data through its properties.
The DataColumnName proprerty instead contains the name of the column or columns you wish to associate to the control.
The other way of binding data to controls on the form is to write code that creates a DataSource object, which is connected to the same, and set the DataSource and DataColumnName.
Controls can trigger events that allow special situations management. By this way you can control the dynamics of many forms.
It is possible to boot from the forms requests directly to the server without going through the datasource.
Obviously, this choice involves writing server code, but provides flexibility and a diversify access to data. In contrast requires more complexity in development.

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