Version 1.2.5_00 (13 Jun 2012)

- Improved load Permissions (cache)
- Improved load Schema (cache)
- Added StreamChannel
- Fixed WebForm (not load resource)
- Fixed DeadLock in http sessions
- Fixed WebRequest Locale ID
- Fixed bsh try/catch (throw in catch block don't call finally)
- Fixed backup (Tables ResLangBinary)
- Improved communication (added StreamChannel and sendCustomMessage)
- Fixed communication (sometime NIO selector 100% CPU)
- Added dbManager HSQLDB 2.2
- Added dbManager H2 1.3
- Fixed Db Connection pool (rollback transaction on release connection)
- Improve ImageUtil (Added resize and rotare)
- Added ViewSetting setParameters (client side)
- Added function trunc (Table and View)
- Fixed use jre 1.6 (when jre 1.7 installed)

Version 1.2.4_00 (25 May 2011)

- Fixed Designer hidden icon toolbox
- Improved code helper (added constructor)
- Improved server installer
- Improved server module Object
- Fixed find and replace (TextPanel)
- Added compression http to Resources and WebRequest
- Improved WebRequest
- Improved web Resource (Etag implementation)
- Fixed setCancel on datasource beforeSetValue
- Improved Http server (Http keep alive manager)
- Added export to DSWebDataSet
- Improved Debugger
- Fixed table rollback transaction event
- Fixed validate CodeTextEditor
- Improved TempResourcesHttp
- Improved communication (java NIO)
- Fixed client launcher
- Fixed Windows UAC client
- Fixed View relations to Calculated columns
- Improved Table and Module Observable/Observer
- Added Ctrl+E Remove line to CodeTextEditor
- Added TableRelationCondition on View Filter
- Added Expression Function (abs and formatDateTime)
- Added WebRequest Authentication
- Fixed Permission Import/Export Package

Version 1.2.3_00 (28 Dec 2010)

- Fixed file exe under windows 64bit with jre 32bit
- Improved PluginDesiner
- Improved WebRequest
- Added WebService debugger
- Added WebRequest debugger
- Added setlocale to open settings on table and view
- Fixed LDAP blank password
- Added WebAlias priority
- Locked objects if edit

Version 1.2.2_00 (12 Nov 2010)

- Added method to get allow value label from table and View Expressions (syntax lable@columname)
- Fixed local variable debugger (error when variable is blank)
- Improved framework (replace hashtable to hashmap)
- Added rotation property to report components
- Fixed modules debbuging (don't show local variables)
- Added event name list to TableDesigner and ReportDesigner
- Improved Resource Component
- Improved Resource WebRequest (Added structure implementation and custom tag)
- Fixed make desktop link (under windows 7 uac problem)
- Fixed .exe file for installer and launcher windows 64 bit
- Improved component TextPanel (added html editor)
- Fixed PropertiesTextTable missing locale key
- Added postgresql 9.0 jdbc driver
- Added Caps Lock label in password forms
- Added BinaryData serializer
- Fixed linux ipv4stack

Version 1.2.1_00 (15 Jun 2010)

- Added debugger (like Netbeans)
- Added dojo javascript framework to Manage WebForms (still experimental)
- Fixed table indexes regeneration
- Added Ldap authentication

Version 1.2.0_00 (15 Feb 2010)

- Added UrlPattern on WebRequest
- Improved report section rendering
- Added keep together property to ReportSection component
- Added Package configuration (Main module server-client)
- Added Instance configuration (Custom Main, Splashscreen, About, ecc...)
- Added User property (Enabled, Multiple Session)
- Improved WebForm (Added login, etc..)
- Improved WebRequest (Added login, etc.

Version 1.1.9_00 (22 Dec 2009)

- Added WebRequest server object (works like java servlet)
- Fixed Windows 7 client install
- Improve MacOs client install
- Added class java.util.TreeMap to serializer manager
- Fixed Table.moveTo() and methods on subtable

Version 1.1.8_00 (13 Nov 2009)

- Fixed windows font (when cleartype is enabled)
- Removed table check not allow null value, for calculated column
- Fixed table calculated columns without relative expression
- Added ordering column(s) for SubTable records
- Added extra predefined formats for DateTime
- Fixed pending DbTransaction (closed by gc)
- Added project info form

Version 1.1.7_00 (03 Oct 2009)

- Fixed error script message (in many case don't show the dialog)
- Improved client installer (resume download for n times)
- Added server version in main form title

Version 1.1.6_00 (01 Oct 2009)

- Improved input mask and data format on textbox component
- Add drag and drop functionality to some components
- Improve main form (management favorites menu, right click on tab form, save and restore form properties)
- Added new property to report event drawSection (isStartGroup, isEndGroup, getRowGroup, getRowGroupCount)
- Added read data on transaction to some method of table (first, next, previous, last, ...)
- Improve error script message (stacktrace)
- Fixed close DbConnection (invoke rollback transaction if needs)
- Fixed Report groups section (initializing wrong um)
- Added class java.util.HashMap to serializer manager
- Added resources locale pt

Version 1.1.5_00 (21 Aug 2009)

- Improved report rendering
- Fixed report expand label
- Improved code find text dialog
- Fixed designer when assign name to component (duplicate name)
- Added component ImagePanel to WebForm
- Added component RepeaterPanel to WebForm
- Fixed subReport refresh data
- Added Tree Node ToolTipText
- Added listener actionPerformed to dataBar component
- Fixed restart service error when package install
- Added resources locale es

Version 1.1.4_00 (30 May 2009)

- Improved report designer
- Fixed debug console
- Fixed component table (rendering subtable)
- Added editable view (at moment work only with one table definition)
- Improved datasource DSView (when set property setAlwaysFilterUse)
- Added FormContainer Scroll Bars (use Form property setPreferredSize)
- Added component RadioButton (at moment no database bind)
- Improved Print Dialog

Version 1.1.3_00 (04 Apr 2009)

- Improved resource language manager
- Fixed Designer (ask save only when changed)
- Fixed versioning (error rename object)
- Fixed report label component (multiline content)
- Added table data filter condition (client side)

Version 1.1.2_00 (05 Jan 2009)

- Improved comunication (keeplive)
- Fixed Thread.sleap(1) bug (some windows pc increasing clock speeds)
- Added VerticalAlignmentEditor (FormDesigner and ReportDesigner)
- Added HorizontalAlignmentEditor (FormDesigner and ReportDesigner)
- Added BorderEditor (FormDesigner and ReportDesigner)
- Added LineOrientationEditor (ReportDesigner)
- Fixed web start client install (some internet explorer don't start)
- Improved report rendering
- Fixed report export (now can select text from pdf)

Version 1.1.1_00 (15 Nov 2008)

- Improved comunication (implemented thread pool)
- Fixed pending temp file
- Fixed array serialization (now support multidimensional array)
- Improved webservice (implemented soapfault)
- Fixed comunication deadlock

Version 1.1.0_00 (10 Sep 2008)

- Improved code designer (added intellisense support)
- Fixed comunication error (not serializable object)
- Improved serialization (more fast)
- Added form open arguments (Menu designer)

Version 1.0.9_00 (10 Jul 2008)

- Improved export to file
- Fixed table clone record (Binary Column)
- Added menu resources language
- Added data type "TEXT" (like CHAR but unlimited)

Version 1.0.8_00 (05 Jun 2008)

- Added proxy support (HTTP Tunnel, SOCKS)
- Fixed table permission error
- Fixed Tree expand/collapse icon
- Added java loading gif
- Fixed start to jre beta version

Version 1.0.7_00 (12 Mar 2008)

- Added TableRelationIntegrity (as foreign key)
- Added DbManager PostgreSQL 8.3 (JDBC)
- Improved install Package (more fast)
- Fixed report groups section (visible property)

Version 1.0.6_00 (19 Jan 2008)

- Added ssl support (port 7730)
- Improved comunication
- Added class nativeDb (now can execute direct sql to database)
- Changed ScriptExecute form (now can execute native sql)
- Added undo (ctrl-z) and redo (ctrl-y) to TextPanel component (also code text editor)
- Added undo (ctrl-z) and redo (ctrl-y) to FormDesigner and ReportDesigner
- Added cross tabulation (View and Component)
- Added report section break heights.

Version 1.0.5_00 (15 Nov 2007)

- Added server security (policy to access file system, execute command, disable java setAccessible to limit private and protected members)
- Update license form GPLv2 to LGPLv3
- Fix Button GUI when disabled on toolbar
- Changed DateChooser GUI
- Removed update command to server installer. (Now the install command allow to install, upgrade and unistall)
- Added simple debugger (testing!!!)
- Now the database use the real table and column name
- Improve component table (key navigation)

Version 1.0.4_00 (15 Sep 2007)

- Fix module permission
- Fix view setColumnProperty and setParameterProperty now the property is case sensitive (first char must be lower case)
- Fix index columns name (case sensitive error)
- Add user name and password to scheduled task (execute task with user permission)
- Add user name and password to service status (run service with user permission)
- Changed backup and restore form
- Changed servicesstatus form
- Changed scheduledtasks form

Version 1.0.3_00 (09 Aug 2007)

- Form and report designer multiselection without shift key pressed
- Form designer add manage card layout
- Fix row selection and multiline comments for code text editor component
- Fix open service designer
- Fix report designer property setting
- Fix filter composer for the columns with allow values
- Improved data bind editor (formDesigner and reportDesigner)
- Now supports operating system fonts
- Add new font. Now supports chinese, koreanese, japanese languages
- Fix font Anti-aliasing for windows vista

Version 1.0.2_00 (14 Jul 2007)

- Permissions management implemented (not fully)
- Improved database query
- Scripting now access to private and protected member is not allowed
- Fix report set margin (error if um=CM)
- Fix export to excel (error if rows>32767)
- Fix linux upgrade server version (error update database)
- Fix hsqldb database password (error create instance)